• RX12


5-axis machining center


With the spindle clamping and the optional rotary table, workpieces can be turned at a maximum speed of 400 min-1. The time-consuming exchanging of the workpiece between different machines is now a thing of the past.

Technical data

  • Cutting area
    X axis 1'300 mm
    Y axis 1'450 mm
    Z axis 1'000 mm
    A axis 0-90 °
    C axis 360 °


  • Spindle
    Main drive 1
    Spindle power 84 kW
    Spindle speed (motorspindle) 0 - 12'000 min-1
    Torque spindle max. 100 / 40 % ED 300 / 452 Nm
    Main drive 2
    Spindle power 38 kW
    Spindle speed (motorspindle) 0 - 16'000 min-1
    Torque spindle max. 100 / 40 % ED 105 / 135 Nm
    Variante DDT    
    Spindle power 21 / 28 kW
    Spindle speed 0 - 18'000 min-1
    Torque spindle max. 100 / 40 % ED 226 / 291 Nm


  • NC Rotary table
    Dimension ø 1'200 x 1'000 ø 1'200 mm
    Max. Rotary diameter 1'500 / 1'600 / 1'200 mm


  • Turning Rotary Table
    Diameter ø 1'200 mm
    Spindle speed 400 min-1
    Torque max. 4570 Nm


  • Milling head
    Automatic swiveling head horizontal / vertical  Standard
    Spindle taper HSK63 / HSK100 / SK40 / SK50


  • Tool changer
    Tool changer places SK40/HSK63 85 / 185 / 260 / 360  
    Tool changer places HSK100 / SK50 65 / 103 / 141 / 191 / 272  
    Max. tool length 600 mm
    Max. tool diameter 565 mm


  • Control
    Heidenhain TNC640
    Siemens 840D sl


  • Pallet changer
    Dimensions pallets ø 1'200 x 1'000 mm
    Max. load 2'000 kg
    Quantity pallets 2 / 5 / Linear storage / circular storage


  • Machine specifications
    Machine weight 25'000 - 28'000 kg
    Dimensions length x width x highth 5600 x 5100 x 4050 mm



Machine bed & stand | © Reiden Technik AG

Vibration damping with high static and dynamic stability


To meet the high demands of mechanical engineering, the machine column and machine bed are made of HYDROPOL®, a composite material of special concrete and steel. Together, this unit forms a base with enormous inherent stability and excellent damping behavior as well as high dynamic rigidity. This has a positive effect on the service life of the tools and is ideal for extreme loads.

Work with the highest precision

Cooled machine components

Modular concept for small spaces

Pallet changing system

Set up and equip during operation. Due to the brilliant automation design, non-productive times are limited to a minimum. The equipment of the RX12 can be upgraded in various extensions towards a linear storage unit. This will not affect the user-friendliness and accessibility of the machine.

Energy Efficiency

Measures by our machine tools

Even in developing a machine, we look for components and elaborate solutions that make it possible to keep the consumption of expensive resources such as electricity and air in daily use as low as possible. This not only helps to protect the environment, but also minimise the daily running expenses. The most important measures to increase energy efficiency are the following:

  • Power regenerating drive systems
  • Chip conveyors with interval function
  • Coolant flushing with interval function
  • Automatically deactivating suction system
  • Automatic shut-down of auxiliary programs after the program cycle ends
  • Leaktight valve technology
  • Frequency-regulated coolant high-pressure pumps
  • Weight-optimised moving masses
  • Low-watt valve technology
  • Patented spindle drive concept DDT
  • Consumption-optimised pneumatic system
  • High-quality servo axes
  • Machine lighting with high-efficiency LED lights
  • Use of high-quality components with high efficiency

The use of polymer concrete as base material requires around 30% less primary energy than equivalent cast body. And even the CO2 share can be reduced by 66%. The disposal of polymer concrete, too, is uncomplicated, because as regular construction rubble it can be recycled for new filling materials or soil stabilisation.

As a producer of machines with a single production location, a high level of own production and local supplies, we are able to reduce transports to a minimum. At the same time, our machines have a long service life, which adds to the overall positive balance.


RX12 chain wheel | © Reiden Technik AG
Pallet | © Reiden Technik AG
Machining piece | © Reiden Technik AG