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We are the experts for apparatus engineering in the pharmaceutical industry. SKAN Stein AG attaches great importance to responding individually and personally to the requirements of our customers. At SKAN Stein AG, you as a customer with your wishes and concerns are at the center of our activities. Mechanical engineering is not only our profession, but also our passion. With flexible working methods and a full range of services, we are able to provide you with your tailor-made solution.

For us as a company, the requirements for a new machine and its service were clearly defined. We wanted a 5-axis CNC machine with a travel of approx.
1m x 1m x 1m. What was most important to us was precision, which we as a company place a lot of value on for small parts as well as large parts. That is why we quickly became aware of Reiden Technik AG. The precision of the machine and the proximity to the manufacturer were the deciding factors for us to purchase a machine from Reiden Technik AG.

Technik AG to purchase a machine. The RX10 has given us new possibilities to offer existing and newly designed parts to our customers in a more flexible and cost-effective way. The variety and the possibilities to produce parts, which we always had to have produced by external suppliers in the past, is another advantage, because the lead times could be reduced significantly. The cooperation with Reiden Service has been very cooperative. In case of difficult problems or ambiguities, a good solution is always suggested.

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Matthias Frei

Managing Director

«More flexibility for our customers thanks to the REIDEN RX10»

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