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CH-9015 St. Gallen

In order to meet the high demands of our customers down to the last detail, we rely on the latest generation of precise machining equipment. In the specialist area of milling, we consistently rely on the precise and robust products from Reiden. Initially via the REIDEN BFR1, REIDEN RX10 and now to the REIDEN RX14. The 5-axis machines are equipped with all options and thus enable the most advanced manufacturing processes.

In the production of complex components, the Reiden series continues to impress us with its excellent clarity and manageability during the manufacturing process. In addition to the precision and reliability of the machines, these are further points that are of great advantage in the complex production of individual parts and small series.

Like ourselves, the machines of Reiden Technik AG have to face new challenges every day. The machines meet the high expectations at all times, as shown by our new acquisition, the REIDEN RX14.

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Portrait Manuel Nobel | © MTW-Mechanik

Manuel Nobel

Managing director and owner

«A broad product portfolio is profitable if it can be covered by one machine.»

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