• RX10


5-axis machining center

Small and Compact, with a patented drive concept

The entire machine structure of the REIDEN RX10 is designed according to the "minimisation of moving parts, maximisation of the static mass" and guarantees singular stability.

The RX10 is a compact processing centre with a very small footprint. Despite its compact appearance, the machine offers considerable processing space in relation to its dimensions.

As standard, the RX10 is delivered with a motor spindle. We optionally offer the patented double-drive system DDT.

With this version a maximum torque of 291 NM is reached via the high-torque motor at up to 3,000 min-1. Beyond 3,000 min-1, the high-torque motor is disengaged and a maximum number of revolutions of 16,000 min-1 is reached via the built-in motor spindle in the head.

Technical data

  • Cutting area
    X axis 1'000 mm
    Y axis 1'100 mm
    Z axis 810 mm
    A axis 0-90 °
    C axis 360 °
    Rapid traverse speed 60 m/min


  • Spindle
    Main drive HSK63
    Spindle power 38 kW
    Spindle speed 0 - 16'000 min-1
    Torque spindle max. 100 / 40 % ED 105 / 135 Nm
    DDT HSK63 / SK40
    DDT (optional) 21 kW
    Spindle speed 0 - 18'000 min-1
    Torque spindle max. 100 / 40 % ED 226 / 291 Nm
    Main drive HSK100    
    Spindle power 48 kW
    Spindle speed 0 - 12'000 min-1
    Torque spindle max. 100 / 40 % ED 300 / 452 Nm


  • NC Rotary table
    Dimension  Ø 1'000 x 800 / Ø 1'000 mm
    Max. Rotary diameter Ø 1'350 mm
    Max. Rotary diameter for pallet changer Ø 1'050 mm


  • Turning Rotary Table
    Diameter 1'000 mm
    Spindle speed 400 min-1
    Torque max. 3'141 Nm


  • Milling head
    Automatic swiveling head horizontal / vertical Standard  
    Spindle taper HSK63 / HSK100 / SK40  


  • Tool changer
    Tool changer, places HSK63 / SK40 85 / 185 / 260  
    Tool changer, places HSK100 / SK50 65 / 127 / 191  
    Max. tool length 400 mm
    Max. tool diameter HSK63 / SK40 80 / 160 mm
    Max. tool diameter HSK100 / SK50 125 / 250 mm
  • Control
    Heidenhain TNC640  
    Siemens 840 D sl  
  • Pallet changer
    Dimension pallets Ø 1'000 x 800 / Ø 1'000 mm
    Max. load 1'600 Kg
    Quantity pallets 2 / 5 / Linear storage / circular storage
  • Machine specifications
    Machine weight 18'200 Kg
    Dimensions length x width x heigh 5'810 x 4'005 x 3'230 mm


Milling head with DDT | © Reiden Technik AG

Unique spindle concept

DDT Double Drive Technology

When high power and high speeds are required, the DDT drive concept offers just the right thing!

As standard, the RX10 is delivered with a motor spindle variant with 16,000 min-1 and a maximum torque of 135 Nm. The DDT dual drive concept invented by Reiden Technik AG is available as an option.

With this variant, a maximum torque of 291 Nm is achieved up to 3,000 min-1 via the high-torque motor. From 3,000 min-1, the high-torque motor is decoupled and a maximum speed of 18,000 min-1 is achieved via the motor spindle installed in the head.

Workpiece in machine | © Reiden Technik AG

Manufacturer of complex workpieces in one clamping

Milling and turning

The directly driven rotary table has automatic unbalance detection. With the help of balancing weights, low-vibration machining is ensured even at a maximum speed of 400 min-1. Workpieces no longer have to be reclamped between milling and turning operations.

The HSK100 version of the milling head also masters large machining forces with flying colors.

RX10 Cooling line | © Reiden Technik AG

Cooled components for highest precision

Active temperature control in the machine bed and column

The RX10 is equipped with active temperature control of the machine bed and the machine frame. This is made possible by 200 meters of cast-in cooling lines in the mineral casting. Thanks to the energy-optimized cooling unit, the closed system can be operated permanently, even overnight or during downtimes.

In addition to cooling the two basic components, heat-generating machine components such as the milling head, the feed motors, the gears of the rotary axes and the guides are constantly adapted to the ambient temperature via the cooling system. These measures guarantee the machinist an even higher, continuous basic accuracy of the machine.

Installation area | © Reiden Technik AG

Compact footprint

Minimum space required

During the development of the machine, attention was paid to optimal use of the footprint. Compared to the travel path of 1,000 x 1,000 mm, the RX10 only requires a space of 4.6 x 4.8 meters. The ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements also ensures optimum operability of the machine at all times, even in the tightest of spaces.

Modular concept for small spaces

Pallet changing system

Set up and equip during operation. Due to the brilliant automation design, non-productive times are limited to a minimum. The equipment of the RX10 can be upgraded in various extensions towards a linear storage unit. This will not affect the user-friendliness and accessibility of the machine.

RX10 2-fold PCS | © Reiden Technik AG
RX10 2-fold PCS | © Reiden Technik AG
RX10 2-fold PCS | © Reiden Technik AG
Pallet surface | © Reiden Technik AG
Pallet changer | © Reiden Technik AG

Energy Efficiency

Measures by our machine tools

Even in developing a machine, we look for components and elaborate solutions that make it possible to keep the consumption of expensive resources such as electricity and air in daily use as low as possible. This not only helps to protect the environment, but also minimise the daily running expenses. The most important measures to increase energy efficiency are the following:

  • Power regenerating drive systems
  • Chip conveyors with interval function
  • Coolant flushing with interval function
  • Automatically deactivating suction system
  • Automatic shut-down of auxiliary programs after the program cycle ends
  • Leaktight valve technology
  • Frequency-regulated coolant high-pressure pumps
  • Weight-optimised moving masses
  • Low-watt valve technology
  • Patented spindle drive concept DDT
  • Consumption-optimised pneumatic system
  • High-quality servo axes
  • Machine lighting with high-efficiency LED lights
  • Use of high-quality components with high efficiency



The use of polymer concrete as base material requires around 30% less primary energy than equivalent cast body. And even the CO2 share can be reduced by 66%. The disposal of polymer concrete, too, is uncomplicated, because as regular construction rubble it can be recycled for new filling materials or soil stabilisation.

As a producer of machines with a single production location, a high level of own production and local supplies, we are able to reduce transports to a minimum. At the same time, our machines have a long service life, which adds to the overall positive balance.


Reiden Schunk HKS | © Reiden Technik AG
Machining piece | © Reiden Technik AG
Machining piece | © Reiden Technik AG
Wheel | © Reiden Technik AG