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As a hidden champion, Harro Höfliger develops and manufactures production and packaging systems for customers all over the world with approx. 1,400 employees. We are a valued development partner for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Branded consumer and home care product manufacturers also rely on our highly specialized process solutions and services. We are not satisfied with just one good solution, but look for the very best. A broad technology base and holistic thinking help us to achieve this.
We always keep a close eye on the market for BAZ in order to find the optimum solution for our requirements. This is where we became aware of the Reiden RX12 at the AMB 2016 trade fair. Further subsequent reference visits and a test machining in Reiden have further strengthened the first positive impression.
Today, the RX12 is the largest machining center in the existing machine park. In particular, the compact design of the machine in conjunction with the 5-fold pallet storage was an important criterion. Automation was the prerequisite for personnel-reduced 24/7 operation. The goal was to machine large cubic workpieces with the highest quality in single and small batch production. We were also very taken with the high precision of the RX12 on our large workpieces, which indicates a high thermal stability of the machine.

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Herr Müller & Herr Hübscher

Division Leader Toolshop & Machine Operator
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