We support the Theramisu sponsorship organisation

Reiden Technik AG assumes social responsibility both towards its employees and towards society.

Since 2013 we have been supporting the Theramisu sponsorship organisation which has set itself the goal of providing local services for children's physiotherapy.

The most important ideas of the organisation are:

Increasingly more freelance physiotherapists can no longer work economically without financial support or rooms rented very cheaply, since the tax point value for treatment has not been adjusted for monetary inflation since 1998. 

Therapists who have also specialised in children's physiotherapy have been hit particularly hard by this problem, since larger rooms tend to be needed for therapies which are often movement-intensive.

Therefore the margin is further reduced by the higher rent. As however regional children's therapists are urgently needed. The Theramisu sponsorship organisation was set up for the maintenance of children's physiotherapy in the Sursee region.

Without regional children's physiotherapy services, parents would have to bring their children to Aarau or Lucerne, which is not always easy, partly because of the considerable extra expense and, for working parents, for reasons of time. 

Theramisu's job is to maintain children's physiotherapy in the Sursee region to allow parents and children optimal therapy services. In addition the sponsorship organisation is to also constitute an information platform for parents to get an overview of the topics related to the sponsorship organisation.

More information at: www.theramisu.ch