Data protection

The use of the contact data published in the imprint of Reiden Technik AG by third parties for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertisements and information materials is hereby expressly prohibited. The operators of the pages reserve the right to take legal action in the event of the unsolicited sending of advertising information, such as spam e-mails.

Notes on data protection

Every time a user accesses a page of our website and every time a file is retrieved, data about this process is stored in a log file. These files are not personal, so we can not trace which user has requested which data. In detail, the following data record is stored about each retrieval:

  •     Name of the retrieved file
  •     Date and time of the retrieval
  •     Amount of data transferred
  •     Message as to whether the retrieval was successful

Personal user profiles are not created. The stored data is only evaluated for statistical purposes. It is not passed on to third parties. These pages do not use cookies.