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Heinz Kisslig AG

CH-8552 Felben-Wellhausen

Heinz Kisslig AG was founded in 1971 in Felben-Wellhausen TG and was active at that time as a supplier of machine components. Over the years, the company has developed from a supplier to a specialist for precision workpieces. Today, Heinz Kisslig AG offers a comprehensive range of clamping technology in the field of workpiece clamping for machine tools and serves renowned customers from all over Europe with its special solutions.

More than 4 years ago we had to make a big investment, because the workload was too high despite our modern machinery. It was clear to us that a machine acquisition was now inevitable. During this time, we dealt intensively with the topic of 5-axis technology, as we wanted to optimize the production process of our clamping systems as well as the individual and series parts from contract manufacturing.

We chose Reiden Technik AG because it was important for us to work with a manufacturer from Switzerland. We liked the machine concept of the REIDEN RX10, because with this machine we could realize our basic decision with the 5-axis technology. We also liked the optimal ratio between the size of the machining area compared to the overall machine size.

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Markus Kisslig

Managing director and owner
Heinz Kisslig AG

«The REIDEN RX10 convinces us daily with its precision and stability. In addition, we have found a competent partner in Reiden Technik AG, where we appreciate the fast response time and the practice-oriented solutions.»

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