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CH-3507 Biglen

CNC-Mechanik Wüthrich was founded in October 2006 as a sole proprietorship in Biglen BE. What started at that time as a one-man business in an empty hall, has developed over the years thanks to the flexible, expeditious and reliable processing of orders, to a 6-headed company with a modern equipped machine park. Today, the company CNC-Mechanik Wüthrich is a specialist in the field of contract manufacturing. No matter if aluminum, steel or stainless materials, if 1 piece or 5'000 pieces, CNC-Mechanik Wüthrich processes everything with full motivation and enthusiasm and gives its best every day to show the customers that even a small company can keep up with the big suppliers.

In the past, we used to produce a specific recurring workpiece in batch sizes of >1'300 pcs. always 3- or 4-axis parallel on at least three machines. Each of them was fully manned. Because this workpiece always blocked three machines, capacity bottlenecks were the order of the day. Since purchasing the RX10, we can clamp five workpieces at the same time, start the program and 38 minutes later five sides on five parts are completely finished. The sixth side can be conveniently machined on the second pallet. Thanks to the 2-fold pallet changer, the manufacturing process could be optimized and production could continue without gaps. We produce 10 - 12 h per day, 4 weeks at a stretch. The versatility of the RX10 has enabled us to produce more cost effectively, as our "Trix" does the work of three machines and three people single-handedly.

In our machine park, the RX10 is already the 5th machine to come from Reiden. The reason for this is on the one hand the trust that has been built up over the years, and on the other hand we appreciate the support. There is no comparable partner. No matter where the shoe pinches, whether it is a Kondia or the RX10, the employees of Reiden Technik AG know their trade. Problems can often be solved over the phone and the service is incomparably competent.

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Beat Wüthrich

Managing director and owner
CNC-Mechanik Wüthrich

«Thanks to the REIDEN RX10, we can produce more versatile and cost-efficiently»

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