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  • 2 x RX18 with combined pallet system

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23. March 2022

2 x RX18 with combined pallet system

A mechanical engineering project with new dimensions

Portrait Lustenberger Daniel | © Reiden Technik AG

Daniel Lustenberger

Head of Marketing & Sales

Using a pallet changer with several machines is not entirely new. But when it comes to two RX18s, the whole thing takes on some serious dimensions! For the company Bunorm, a member of the Swissfactory.group from Switzerland, we were able to realise a particularly beautiful project. A pure 5-axis milling machine and a 5-axis mill-turn machine of the RX18 type are brought together on a pallet changer. The pallet changer system with 9 pallets is an own construction with an autonomous control and a control software from Procam. The two machines can exchange the different pallets with each other and thus have maximum flexibility.