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15. October 2019

Spindle bearing monitoring

Vibration detection by system VSE100

Portrait Lustenberger Daniel | © Reiden Technik AG

Daniel Lustenberger

Head of Marketing & Sales

Preventive detection of spindle vibrations helps to detect spindle and machine failures at an early stage and often also to prevent them. With the latest generation of spindles, it is now possible to use a sensor system to detect vibrations and record their course.

This has the following advantages:

  •         Preventive protection by 3 vibration sensors on the milling spindle.
  •         Machine protection by quick shutdown when a certain vibration acceleration is exceeded (collision
            protection limit).
  •         Output of an alarm when a certain vibration speed is exceeded in the milling process (vibration load).
  •         Per reference run (every 40 hours) analysis of the front and rear spindle bearings for wear and

This new option is available for the following spindle variants:

  •         REIDEN spindle HSK63 DDT
  •         REIDEN spindle HSK63 standard spindle
  •         KESSLER spindle HSK100
  •         REIDEN spindle HSK100 DDT v2